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Why Academia Zeus?

Founded in 1984, Academia Zeus is a pioneer in the field of professional training here in Ronda. We are based in the very centre of our city, and we can count on the biggest and most modern of installations.

Our team of professionals offers vast teaching experience in language learning, including courses in Spanish for Foreigners adapted to all age groups, needs and levels of ability.

We guarantee the quality of all our courses, being as we are the only educational centre in the Serranía of Ronda, as well as being an Official Examination Centre of Trinity College London and Oxford English Test by Oxford University. We can help you obtain your official qualification in the English language.

Being experts in training and education, we have as our main objective an innovative and dynamic Spanish learning experience, achieved through total linguistic and cultural immersion, which will ensure that your stay with us will be an unforgettable experience.


Learning a language involves much more than simply mastering grammar and vocabulary. You need to live it. This is why all our courses include out-of-classroom activities, enabling you to continue using your Spanish at the same time as you are enjoying our country-side, culture and cuisine. Tapas nights, picnic excursions and visits to the most enchanting corners of our city … we’ll make sure that you feel, every moment that you’re with us, as if you’re in your own home!

Learn the Spanish that suits your needs in a fun and practical way through our ELE programme of courses, adapted to your availability and level. We offer our students personal attention.

Our lessons have minimum 3 students and maximum of 8 students per classroom, because we know the importance of small-group teaching, including one-to-one work.


4 Hours/Day in Academy.

20 Hours/Week  and Pack of cultural activities in Ronda.

From 340 € per student one to one.

From 235 € per student in group.


3 Hours/Day in Academy.

15 Hours/Week  and Pack of cultural activities in Ronda.

From 255 € per student one to one.

From 195 € per student in group.



2 Hours/Day in Academy.

10 Hours/Week .

From 170 € per student.


3 Hours/Week in Academy.

12 hours/month and Pack of cultural activities in Ronda.

From 210 € per student.


60 Minutes / Class  

25 €/ Hour




4 Hours/Day in Academy

20 Hours/Week 

From 350 €  per student one to one.

From 255 € per student in group.


You can only choose one pack, if you want an extra pack you can hire it. Some activities are subject to weather conditions, please take this into account before choosing.

Price from 70€ per students



Cueva del Hundidero:

The Hundidero-Gato System has about 10 kilometers of galleries and numerous different routes. Inside this cave we will find potholes, about 25 lakes, siphons, calcite flows, calcareous formations… Quite a spectacle for caving lovers, but we are simply going to approach the impressive entrance.

Presa de los caballeros:

It is an infrastructure with a peculiar history. It is almost 84 meters high from its base to its crown and is part of a project that began more than a century ago to create a swamp in this place.

The great dam is now an exceptional balcony of a megalomaniac work that is a different and spectacular point in the visit to this area. Without a doubt, it is one of those places that you can enjoy calmly and cautiously, causing sensations that are not very common in the middle of nature.

Cueva del Gato:

Located 15km from Ronda, this Cave was formed by water erosion. It is the most important cave system of its type in Andalucía, with chasms, lakes, syphons, canyons and chambers, some of which reach up to 70 metres in height. The system is a total of 7,818 metres in length, but our visit is restricted to the exit, because to explore the interior requires speliological equipment. It is an incomparable site, with crystral-clear water.

The visit includes:

Transport, guide and tasting of tapas and local products.

Approximate duration: 5 hours.




We will visit one of the wineries located on the outskirts of Ronda, with a tour and explanation of all the areas of production, with wine-tasting and snacks.

We will make a tour of all the most emblematic monuments of Ronda, such as the New Bridge, the Church of Santa María la Mayor, the Barrio de San Francisco, the Almocabar Gate, the Arch of Felipe V, the Arab Baths, &c., all at a pace that is comfortable, agreeable and relaxed.

The visit includes:

Transport, entrance, a tour of the installations, an explanation of the production processes and wine-tasting with snacks, all accompanied by a guide. Lunch or tapas.
Approximate duration: 5 hours.




You can enjoy countryside more impressive than you have ever seen!

We offer four itineraries:

  • Hiking 1: The surroundings of Ronda, with the Gorge and the mills and lunch at local restaurant.
  • Hiking 2: Ronda’s country paths, impressive places with wild animals, flowers and crystal-clear water and lunch at local restaurant.
  • Aventure 1: Descent from ravines in Tajo de Ronda. (Initiation Level) and lunch or tapas.
  • Aventure 2: Via Ferrata Tajo de Ronda. (Initiation Level) and lunch or tapas.

The visit includes:

  • Transport
  • A guide who will accompany us throughout the tour.
  • Water and snacks along the way.

 Approximate duration: 5 hours.



We can visit one of these suggested typical white villages:

Zahara de la Sierra and Grazalema

Setenil de las Bodegas

Montejaque and Benaoján

Igualeja and Parauta

We’ll talk to the people, and try the delicacies associated with each place.

The visit includes:

  • Transport
  • Guide
  • Lunch or tapas

Duration: Approximately 5 hours.




This activity is divided in two parts: in the first, we visit an academy of “Baile Flamenco” (flamenco dance), where we can participate with the students and take classes with a teacher. She will take us through our first flamenco steps, and answer whatever questions we may have, concerning the world of flamenco. The second part is a live flamenco spectacular, with professional “tocaores y bailaores” (musicians and dancers).

This activity includes:

  • Accompanying guide
  • Entrance & visit, Flamenco Academy
  • Introductory dance class
  • Entrance to the show
  • local sausage and drinks

Duration: Approximately 5 hours.




How To Book your Spanish Abroad Experience

We want your experience to be as unique as your own personality! Contact us in order to get a tailor-made package!


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Send us a message on Whatsapp or by eMail and let us know what type of course you’re interested in.


We’ll design a tailor-made package for your needs, including lessons and activities.


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